Tom Kurv, also known as Oriol Kuru, is a fresh-faced DJ and producer from Catalonia, Spain. He started his musical career as a DJ at the age of 15. From an early age, Tom shown plenty of interest in Dance and Pop music, but especially in EDM which was being played and created by great artists as David Guetta, Avicii, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren and later on by Martin Garrix, Kshmr, among others. This essential listening during his first steps was a huge inspiration for Tom as an artist.

Nowadays he is only 20 years old and is an emerging talent, full of energy and creativity, who is hitting it out of the park on the dance floors and festivals all over the place. Tom music goes from Trance to Dance and Reggaeton, but most of all, due to his love for the style, EDM.

Tom started his career as a DJ at his hometown disco and through his contacts and thanks to his creations he has managed to start getting a good position in Spain and grow exponentially all around the world. Over the last years, Tom has been studying electronic music production to be able to offer and create his own musical compositions which will make Tom achieve his goals.

He is surrounded by a great team which makes his live shows tremendously fresh and appealing and this is bringing his performances to important stages and events all around the world.

Now, Tom is working in his last creations which will go public during the next months and both, he and his team, hope they will be the definitive boost to get a relevant position in the electronic music world.

Tom Kurv invites you to stay tuned for his new creations and to follow him in the main social networks so you can follow in detail his emerging trajectory.

Tom Kurv.

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